Lil Wayne Announces That He Signed A Deal With Jay Z


It has been confirmed that Lil Wayne’s deal with Jay Z was actually in reference of his partnership with TIDAL. Cortez Bryant, Wayne’s manager, spoke with Billboard to clear the air in regards to Weezy’s announcement that he signed with Jay Z.

Bryant explained to Billboard that the internet misunderstood Wayne’s announcement and took his words out of context. Bryant told Billboard the following:

“The Internet and blogs took his words out of context. When Wayne was speaking about the partnership with Jay Z, he was speaking about his new deal as an artist owner with Tidal.”



Besides being TIDAL’s newest co-owner, Lil Wayne had an even greater announcement to give fans. During his performance at KMEL Summer Jam, Weezy announced that he just recently signed a deal with Jay Z.

It hasn’t been confirmed if Wayne is signed with Jay Z in regards to Roc Nation or Tidal, but we think its safe to assume he’s referring to the music streaming service.

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Just last week Weezy dropped his single “Glory” exclusively on TIDAL and with that also came his co-ownership of Jay Z’s project as well.  According to Consequences of Sound, he is joining as an “artist owner.” Read below what TIDAL employee,Vania Schlogel had to say about this partnership:

“We’re honored for Lil Wayne to join TIDAL. His eagerness to release an exclusive TIDAL track and schedule a TIDAL X performance is just another example of how passionately artists care about getting their music to fans.”

Does this mean that we can expect his Free Weezy Album to also be a TIDAL exclusive?  While there’s no word of it yet, we are sure we’ll get confirmation soon.