Lil B Lectures At UCLA



Some people may call Lil B a subpar rapper with a big mouth. I call him a smart businessman (the guy knows how to create a buzz) and apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way. Last Thursday (May 28) the Based God visited UCLA to talk to students about money, the media, technology among other topics.

Clearly there is more to Lil B than meets the ear. The Based God knows how many people pay attention to him and he wants to use that attention for good. He had this to say during his lecture.

“I realized all this power that I have, it’s like you always got an option, we all have problems, we all have vices that we deal with but I know that I want to use this power and influence in the best way that I can and to spread the most love that I can,” B says during his speech. “We’re all learning, we’re all special, we all have extreme amounts of power.”

If only he could have used those powers to save Houston Rockets fans from watching James Harden get crippled by the curse of the Based God.