LeBron James On Pace For Greatest NBA Finals Performance Of All Time

Source: thebiglead.com

Source: thebiglead.com

“You in the presence of a king. Scratch that, you in the presence of a God.” – Jay-Z “Crown

The great Jay-Z may have written those lyrics, but LeBron James has brought them to life during this year’s NBA Finals. If you think you are witnessing one of the best Finals performances of all time don’t worry you’re not a LeBron bandwagon fan (for lack of a better term), you just have a keen sense of greatness.

Through the first three games LeBron has put up numbers that can only be matched by apex Michael Jordan—yes that’s right MJ in his prime. Don’t believe me just look at this.

So how has LeBron morphed into the modern day MJ? He started to eat greedy. The days of him settling for jumpers or deferring to teammates in big moments seem to be over. He’s attacking the rim at will, he’s shooting himself out of slumps and most importantly, he’s taking all the big shots. And the rewards have been fruitful.

Whether LeBron can keep this up is anyone’s guess, but the “LeChoke” jokes must be dismissed from here on out. If not for an untimely Kyrie Irving injury the Cavs would have a 3-0 lead against the best team in basketball. During these playoffs LeBron has carried his Cavs to a 4-0 record when both Irving and Kevin Love are sporting a suit. His new “big three” consists of Timofey Mozgov and Matthew Dellavedova (yikes) yet he stands two wins shy of bringing Cleveland its first sports title since 1964 and the first title in Cavs history.

So tonight (Game 4 starts at 9PM on ABC) when you watch LeBron continue his fabulous Finals just keep in mind this is what your parents talked about when they saw Michael Jordan torment the Western Conference every June. Finally we can say that LeBron James is not MJ, but he’s damn sure the closest one.