Latarian Milton Has Graduated From Doing “Hood Rat Stuff” And Middle School


More than 200 students graduated from John F. Kennedy Middle school in Riviera Beach, Florida Tuesday night. One of them was 14-year-old Latarian Milton, who became an online sensation back in 2008 when, as a 7-year-old, he made national news for taking his grandmother’s sport utility vehicle for a joy ride.

Latarian had taken her Dodge Durango because he got mad at his mother, and drove several miles with his friend, another 7-year-old, who “smoked with cigarettes.” During the ride, Latarian ran over two mailboxes, hit two parked cars in a Costco parking lot, and hit two moving cars near a Walmart. It all ended when he struck a curb and got stuck in a field.

When asked if he knew that he could have killed someone, he responded with the famous line:

“Yes, but I wanted to do hoodrat stuff for my friend.”

A few weeks later, Latarian ended up on the news again after he attacked his grandmother when she wouldn’t buy him some chicken wings. But all of that is in the past, with Latarian now dreaming of playing in the NFL.

“It’s going to be a good thing when I get into high school because I’ll be able to play on the football team, have some good success there and go to college.”

If that does not work out, he plans on joining the Navy and focus on engineering and technology.

Glad to see Latarian is growing up, but that video will always be funny. Watch it below.