Kossisko Releases Two New Music Videos With “Own Me” & “Jealousy”

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Admittedly, after 100s shocked the music world with a cryptic message at the end of the “10 Freaky Hoes” video, I was upset. 100s was on the come up in a major way; he had two solid projects under his belt (Ice Cold Perm & IVRY) and an increasing following after making an appearance on the GTAV soundtrack. The people were loving that stone cold pimp rap, it was something that had been lost in the music game for some time.

Nevertheless, that message at the end of the “10 Freaky Hoes” video marked the end of 100s and Kossisko was born. Mid February we receive our first offering from 100’s Kossisko with “This May Be Me” and I personally was all for it. The genre switch just shows the versatility in his artistry. A quick read through the comments will show you a see-sawing crowd: those still dying for that pimp shit vs. open minded music fans who gave it a try and either liked it or not.

This week Kossiko released two new songs both accompanied by music videos. Hopefully the release of this new content can bring the promise of a new project sometime soon. With a new sound and some snazzy new dance moves, Kossisko presents “Own Me” and “Jealousy”.

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