Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven Cover June/July Issue of Complex

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Complex gave us a real treat when they featured two stars on it’s cover for June/July issue, Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven. Cudi, a Grammy award winning rapper, and Piven, a star from HBO’s  hit series, Entourage, seem to be on two separate spectrums in their careers. However, the two managed to hit it off on the set of the film adaptation of HBO’s Entourage, where Cudi takes on the role of Ari Gold’s (Piven) new assistant.

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Joe La Puma, Complex’s director of content strategy, sat down with both Cudi and Piven at Hollywood’s Quixote Studios. There he spoke with them about a variety of things, of course one being the Entourage movie.  Check out what the pair had to say about their generational differences, having such busy schedules and what it’s like working with each other in the full interview, available here.