Jedi Mind Tricks Reunite To Take Over The Bowery Ballroom

On Friday (June 5), Vinnie Paz and Stoupe united to give an amazing performance as Jedi Mind Tricks. This comes after the release their latest album, The Thief & The Fallen, in which they made their return to New York City to celebrate.

Paz performed hits like “Razorblade Salvation,” “Target Practice,” and “Heavy Metal Kings.” Of course, in between songs Paz made sure to thank the audience for coming out, remind them of their latest album and take a sip of Henny. Jedi Mind performed for about an hour before retreating backstage for a break. They later returned for an encore.

Other artists who were lucky to join them on stage were; DJ Kewstion,  Ill Bill, Poison Pen and three guest emcees. Each spitter was allowed up to sixteen bars and they definitely brought their ‘A’ game. DJ Kewstion was also allowed a solo.

Check out the snippets of the performance above, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Thief & The Fallen out now.