J.Cole Attends A Fan’s Graduation As Promised

J. Cole just might be the best.

Aside from hoping his fans purchase and indulge in his continuous release of quality music, Cole is also truly interested in connecting with his fans. Remember that time he played a fan his entire new album after showing up to their house? Yeah, Cole is definitely interested in more than just the money and the fame, and this alone increases his appeal as a rapper. He recently topped his previous mentioned venture with this one. After a fan named Cierra Bosarge wrote J.Cole such an inspiring letter, he gave his word that he would be at her high school graduation if she got into a 4 year college. Well, she did just that.


She did her part, so he definitely made sure to do his. He rerouted his entire tour just to attend her graduation. If that wasn’t enough, he also said he’d buy her books and help out with her tuition! Hmm, what has your favorite rapper done for you lately?