Is Kid Cudi Impending His Own Death? Shared Twitter Poem Outlines Funeral Wishes


Kid Cudi rap

First off, it’s not a song. It’s a poem.

Now that we got that cleared up, we can talk about how dark the concept of  Kid Cudi’s note of impeding doom actually is.The rapper posted yesterday a poem of outlined funeral wishes which he shared with his 1.24 million Twitter followers.

And to our knowledge, Cudi isn’t heading to the great beyond anytime soon. But there’s nothing like getting a head start on your planning, we guess.

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Clearly outlined in red scribble are the rapper’s future requests, not to mention a couple of seemingly unusual ones. One request being to ‘send my body to space to be buried’ and also “no matter what always keep the casket closed.”

However, not all of the requests are well, as strange. Kid Cudi also goes on to further explain that he wants sadness to be exempt from attendance, only joy and celebration will be encouraged.

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What influenced this morbid poem we are unsure of, but you can check out the entire piece for yourself below.