Google Introduces Free Music Streaming Service

Google has joined the music streaming family.

What can’t Google do? With Apple, Spotify, and Tidal competing for the top spot in the music streaming industry, Google has now decided to start their own streaming service. According to the Google blog, the streaming service comes with curated, themed playlists and a library with over 30 million songs.┬áThe free version, which is only available in the United States (for now), is, of course, supported by ads, and the 9.99 per month subscription version, as expected, comes ad free. But, of course, there’s always some way people can entice you to pay for something.

With the 9.99 subscription, users can play songs offline and search for specific songs and albums. Enticed yet? If you would prefer to try it for yourself, there’s a 30 day free trial of the streaming service.