Former North Charleston Police Officer Indicted On Murder Charge


A Grand Jury has come to the decision that Michael Slager (33), the former North Charleston police officer who shot an unarmed black man eight times, will be indicted on murder charges, as reported by a South Carolina prosecutor.

The April 4th shooting was a result of a traffic stop. 50 yr. old, Walter Scott, was seen slowly scurrying away from the officer, as shown on the footage recorded by a pedestrian’s cellphone camera. Officer Slager initially stated that he felt threatened because the man tried to reach for his weapon, so it was an act merely of self-defense. A notion proven false once the video surfaced.

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According to Chris Stewart, a lawyer for the Scott family,

“Today was just an example of if you keep the faith, even in the darkest times, you will see the light,” he said. “We are going to patiently wait for the criminal trial in this case and we are going to patiently wait to see if the city, the police department and the chief are going to take responsibility in the civil suit.”

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Slager has since been charged with murder and fired from his position as a Charleston police officer. If convicted of his crime, he faces 30 years to life in prison.