Firefly Evacuation Due To Severe Weather



Fans who attended Kid Cudi’s set during Firefly 2015 were hit with disappointment when they were ordered to evacuate only twenty minutes into the performance.

Around 10pm Saturday rain began to fall on the Delaware festival grounds, signaling that a storm was heading their way. Cudi’s performance was cut at it’s fifth song when someone, other than the rapper, took the mic. The festival rep announced “It’s in your best interests to leave.” While people were evacuated from the grounds, campers were also urged to “seek shelter in their vehicles” and to take down anything that may attract lighting during the storm, like flag poles.

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Cudi only managed to perform hits like  “Soundtrack 2 My Life,” and “REVOFEV,” while “Mojo So Dope” was interrupted. Too bad, we’re sure everyone was excited to see what the rapper had in store.

After concert dwellers took shelter and all seemed well, Cudi took to Twitter to show his fans his appreciation.