Erykah Badu & Frank Ocean Come Together For ‘Soul Fools’ in D*C

Erykah Badu & Frank Ocean

Queens and Kings in the industry have often come together to collaborate with up and coming and established stars. Not only does this solidify the new artist’s position in the industry, but it also gives music royalty the opportunity to prove why they hold the crown while also allowing them to put a new spin on their original style. Speaking of Queens, Erykah Badu definitely has a royal flare. By combining the genres of neo-soul, jazz, and R&B, Miss Badu manages to give her music a unique, fresh, and incomparable sound and meaning.

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With hits like “Next Lifetime,” “Tyrone,” and more Erykah puts you, your mama, and even your grandmama’s relationships into perspective with music that has transcended generations. All hearts aside, the singer can also puts all of your other issues into perspective with songs such as “Bag Lady” and “Window Seat.”

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Long before she dropped her debut album in 1997 Baduizm, she began her career opening for D’Angelo in 1994. Her interest and devotion to the African heritage and soul began long before her professional music days, as she devoted herself by changing the original spelling of her name Erica to Erykah due to her beliefs that the original spelling was slave related.

Thoroughly grounded in her beliefs, this Queen has ultimately let that shine throughout her music. A more recent established artist who’s also used his music as a platform for his beliefs is Frank Ocean. And not only does he have the vocals to match up with a Queen such as Badu, but the unique artistry to match.

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Similar to Badu herself, Frank Ocean brings a fresh and unique sound to the world of R&B. With content that many of today’s recent artists wouldn’t dare to mention, Ocean has managed to create his own lane by doing only what one can do best–be himself. After releases such as Nostalgia, Ultra and Channel Orange, he proved that his music can touch your soul in places you didn’t know existed. He demonstrated that the world holds something much deeper than what it displays on the surface and also something much deeper than what society chooses to focus on, whether it relates to love or creation.

Growing up around his local jazz scene, Frank also displays a deep connection with one’s inner self, just like Badu. With so many parallels in artistry, a song between the two would definitely bring back a genuine, soulful feel to the industry. One that’s sure to echo the beauty of life, love, and one’s self. With this being said…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?