Drake Talks The Importance Of Bringing Art And Music Together with Sotheby’s

Hip Hop artists have been known to realm into the world of fine art. Through musicians like Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, ASAP Rocky, and many more, it is clear that Hip Hop has something to offer contemporary art. Drake is the latest artist to continue bridging the gap between the two forms.

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In May, Drake collaborated with the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Department for their latest selling exhibition, “I Like It Like This.” Now titled “Drake and S|2 – I Like It Like This,” the Toronto rapper selected songs like Rihanna‘s “BBHMM“, Kendrick Lamar‘s F*ck Your Ethnicity, and Skepta’s “Shut it Down” to compliment the pieces from the exhibition.  Drake served as a curator for 20 of them. The showcase is all in an effort to celebrate influential Contemporary black American artists.

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Drake sat down with Sotheby’s to speak on why he got involved and the importance of the relationship between music and art. Check it out above.