Cops Interrupt Plies’ Video Shoot To Save A Hostage



Plies can’t ever seem to catch a break. This past weekend, the rapper was working on a video shoot when cops arrived on the scene expecting stumble upon a hostage situation. Florida police were in for a big surprise when they saw it was nothing of the sort.

Apparently someone dialed 911 when they saw what they describe as two black men with assault rifles holding a white male hostage.

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When police arrived on the scene they were quick to pick up on what was really going on. The guns were being used to film a scene where Plies was picking up firearms from Haitian gangsters.  While they were unloaded, Florida cops still advised on not leaving them out in the open.

With all this buzz around the video now, we’re wondering what Plies may have up his sleeve for the final product.

See a clip of what went down, provided by TMZ,  here.