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Chicago Bulls Hire Fred Hoiberg As Next Head Coach | Good*Fella Media

Chicago Bulls Hire Fred Hoiberg As Next Head Coach

Source: newsmax.com

Source: newsmax.com

The Chicago Bulls wasted no time finding a replacement for Tom Thibodeau. Not even a full week removed from giving their old coach the axe the Bulls have named his successor, now former Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg.

If you are not familiar with Hoiberg let me enlighten you. He played for Iowa State and the Bulls as a shooting guard in the 1990s and went on to coach his alma mater back into relevancy. Now he will try and take his other former team back to the Finals, no easy task especially with guys like Paul George and LeBron James in your division let alone conference.

Nevertheless the Bulls hired Hoiberg under the impression that his offensive-minded coach can help the team score, something that held them back in their series against the Cavs. Given the fact he’s getting a Steve Kerr-level deal (5 years at $25 million) the expectations are pretty high.