Check Out Jay-Z’s TIDAL Playlist For The Summer



Going crazy trying to assemble the perfect playlist for the beach and pregame? Don’t worry Jay-Z has your back. If you ever wanted to know what your favorite artist is listening to this playlist gives you a look inside the head of the best rapper alive and the best artist alive (obviously I’m talking about Beyonce).

And if you think this playlist was something Hov and Beyonce just threw together you’re wrong. In fact the 19 song playlist caused some music wars in the Carter household.

Well whoever made this playlist did a great job. The selection includes the hottest up and coming artists out right now–Fetty WapPost Malone, Kehlani–thrown in with some household names–A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj and Drake.

You can view the whole ‘F**ck the Summer Up’ playlist here.