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Carolina Panthers Break The Bank For Cam Newton | Good*Fella Media

Carolina Panthers Break The Bank For Cam Newton

Source: thebiglead.com

Source: thebiglead.com

The first big domino of the young elite quarterback extensions has fallen and teams around the league are not going to be happy. The Carolina Panthers could care less, they have their young gun Cam Newton locked up for the foreseeable future and that’s all that matters.

Newton signed a five-year extension worth a whopping $103.8 million with $67.6 of that coming in the first three years and $60 million guaranteed. Clearly a great day for not only Newton, but for his QB brethren Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson. Both are next in line for their extensions and the way things are looking they might be touching the $200 million threshold.

For the Panthers this was all about protecting their investment. Newton has been on the brink of joining the elite at the QB position and with him locked up the team can now surround him with the necessary weapons to prosper. With the rest of the NFC South rebuilding the time for Carolina is now and it starts at the QB position with their $100 million man, Cam Newton.