Beyoncé Has Officially Upset Her Fans With Her Less Than Earth Shattering News

Well, this certainly was anticlimactic.

The NBA Finals aired a special teaser last night, one where Beyoncé revealed she had a ‘big announcement’ for her fans. The revelation was to be exposed the next morning on Good Morning America, leaving her fans consumed with anticipation and wonder. Well, she stuck to her word, and now everyone knows a deeply intimate detail about Queen Bey’s personal life.

Is Beyoncé’s Music Going To Be Banned From Streaming On Tidal?

The ‘Drunk in Love’ singer loves her veggies, and she wants you to love them too. Mind-altering, huh?

Beyoncé Just Payed Off D.R.A.M.’s Rent For The Next Six Months

Beyonce revealed her vegan based diet to the good people at GMA, offering explanations for her decision to live a total vegan lifestyle, and why others would benefit greatly from doing so as well.

Needless to say, this is not the type of news her fans were expecting. So it’s certainly disappointing to learn that Bey isn’t dropping a new album, or carrying a sibling for Blu Ivy. As expected, Twitter exploded with nasty tweets, all expressing the utter disappointment Beyoncé has now seemingly thrust upon them.

Beyoncé Didn’t Really Bathe in Pricey Champagne, Twitter Overreacts

It was just a couple of weeks ago when Twitter overreacted about Bey pouring out a FAKE $20,000 bottle of champagne into a hot tub, now the Twitterverse has something new to get unnecessarily upset about.

Even though this ‘revelation’ was hyped up too an inaccurate extent, it’s really nothing worth getting too upset over. But when you’re a die hard Bey fan, it might be worth a single rant status on your social networking site of choice.

Beyoncé Signs Three Teen Singers For $1.5 Million

We still love you, Queen Bey.