Sporting*Goods: NBA Draft, The DeMarcus Cousins Soap Opera & LeBron Opts Out



Suits and ties yelling out “pay the guys” – Drake, “Draft Day

It was all about the money this week. The saying “money is the root of all evil” held true teams making tough decisions on certain players based on how much they make. For example Peyton Manning might actually be on the trade block. If he’s on the trade block then who isn’t? The NFL is just that cut-throat of a league when it comes to salary.

Speaking of cut-throat the NBA isn’t that far behind in that department. Not only are the franchises petty and cruel—George Karl, you weasel–, but the players too. LeBron James is the prime example. For a second consecutive summer James will hold an anvil over the Cavs and make sure they do whatever he wants before he decides to come back next year.

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As for the 29 other franchises not being held hostage by the best player in the game, they were focused on the NBA Draft. The first-overall selection, Karl-Anthony Towns, was no surprise, but everything that ensued after that was a mix of madness, stupidity and unpredictability. See what went down at Thursday’s draft and what else happened this week in this edition of Sporting*Goods.