Sporting*Goods: RIP Dusty Rhodes & The Home Stretch Of The NBA Finals



This it ladies and gentleman. After this week we will be without the basketball and hockey with football coming in the distance. Until then it will be up to baseball to handles the majority of our entertainment so you know what that means. Less sports and more time for the things you usually put aside to watch LeBron James tear up the NBA Finals.

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Speaking of the NBA Finals this year’s installment is set for a photo finish. The series stands 3-2 in favor of the Golden State Warriors, but Game 6 is in Cleveland and this is what LeBron felt about any pressure to win on his home floor:

Yeah I would set the DVR for 9 PM Tuesday if you can’t watch Game 6, have a feeling it’s going to be the best game of the series. In the mean time there’s a potential clinching game tonight in Chicago for the Stanley Cup. See who stands a win away from immortality on the ice in addition to what else went down this week in Sporting*Goods.