50 Shades Can’t Even Compete With The Weeknd & Alicia Keys ‘Earned It’ Duet

What’s better than the 50 Shades of Grey movie? Well, anything really.

But we’re not talking about the painfully awkward movie right now, we’re back to talking about the sexiest track on the film’s playlist, ‘Earned It.’ Performing last night (June 28) at the 2015 BET Awards was PBR&B perfection, aka The Weeknd. Opening with a slightly censored version of his latest hit ‘The Hills,’ the track smoothly transitioned into the familiar tune we had all fallen in love with at the beginning of the year (Earned It).

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But this time it wasn’t The Weeknd initially belting out those sultry high notes, it was the beautiful Alicia Keys! Singing the entire first part of the track, Alicia Keys certainly did the song some major justice. You can tell The Weeknd was all set to jump in for a duet after hearing some of his sprinkled off camera notes to accompany Alicia’s singing.

It’s safe to say we’re all super impressed with just how phenomenal this duo plays off of each other. Their chemistry is unbelievable. If you wanna see some real magic, check out the full performance for yourself up top.

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