50 Cent Talks Business, Power & New Album Plans With Hot 97.3


50 Cent sits down with Hot 97.3 to discuss Effen Vodka, the show Power, and plans for his new album, Street King Immortal.  50 has got a lot on his plate lately and we’re here to break it all down for you.

On Effen Vodka:

Yea, yea I’ve been running around. I did two signers today in two different territories of Connecticut so I’m getting it going. Really I’m just getting out and igniting everything, you know what I’m saying.  Coming out, and getting people into it.

On the show Power:

It’s the number one show on the network now.  The season premiere, the second season, it’s the largest original series numbers they ever saw at Stars so they’re excited.  Those are the kinds of numbers that would’ve made for all the success.

On the album:

It feels good, I got so many different ideas and so many different pieces lined up for this record that I know it’s going to be exciting, man. Like I’ll be able to go single to single to single to single to take my time and not really care about a weak number, but just the performance of the record itself overall.

On features in the album:

Me and Chris Brown, me and Ne-Yo. I have some pieces, I have something I did with Kendrick, I got a lot of other pieces that I’m not sure if they are gonna end up in the whole album or not.