50 Cent Returns To The Breakfast Club To Talk ‘Power’

Whenever 50 Cent sits down with Power 105’s Breakfast Club it is always wise to break out a notepad and open your ears nice and wide. This sit down was no different. In addition to promoting his show “Power” 50 explains why he is going after Diddy and his Ciroc brand.

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On going after Diddy:

I go after Puff with the Ciroc because it’s positioning. He’s number two in the category. And I don’t care how anyone feels about it, its my strategy, the way I was taught to do things.

Expectations for Power:

Well this is going to go on for at least seven seasons. It will be on for quite some time…it’s the largest show on their network, period. So it’s like “you going to get rid of the largest show on your network?”