Wiz Khalifa Lights Up On The Red Carpet

Story by Kelly Giuliano

It’s no secret that hip hop extraordinaire Wiz Khalifa is a fan of the green. Perhaps he is maybe even a bit too open about it. The Still Blazin‘ artist was nearly taken into custody Sunday night (May 17), after reportedly lighting up a joint on The Billboard Music Awards red carpet just before showtime.

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A Las Vegas police officer approached Khalifa as soon as he spotted the rapper casually taking a hit off of his freshly lit blunt. No arrests were made, but Khalifa was issued an ultimatum. As overheard by a photographer stationed on the red carpet, the cop approached Wiz and said “ Do not light that in my face again or we will take a ride downtown.”

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Maybe the rich and famous do have the upper hand in situations like this one. Anyone else would have been dragged downtown without a second thought. But in any case, we’re all really glad Wiz wasn’t arrested. We wouldn’t have been able to see him totally slay his two performances given that evening.