Wara From the NBHD Releases New Song With Conner Youngblood

Brooklyn born and Atlanta raised rapper, Wara From the NBHD, released a new song called “Down Since Birth” with singer/producer Conner Youngblood. The song focuses on the malicious power of money and details the financial struggles Wara faced.

“During the time period it was recorded I was going thru a lot financially and mentally, and I still am it’s just now I have a grasp on what it is that needs to really be taken care of… It was hard for me to music at a certain point and this song really brought everything back to life full throttle.”

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This song follows the rapper’s pattern of sharing his opinions on life and politics. In February, Wara released the EP, If Guns Could Speak, detailing the political struggle of black-on-black crime as well as police brutality.