Three Retired Cops Get High For First Time Since Childhood On Camera

Pot smokers, this will make your day!

Three retired cops agreed to sit down and smoke marijuana for the first time since they were teenagers on camera.

Of course there are a few “out there” moments that will give you a good chuckle but the most interesting part of this video is their suggestion that marijuana may help end police brutality. They describe men of their profession constantly having the need to feel in control–marijuana relaxes that fact.

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Not to mention, one of the retired cop’s hilarious response for marijuana being a gateway drug: “Everyone who’s a heroin addict started out drinking milk.” (Man has got a point)

After some sobriety tests and Cards Against Humanity, it gets even better…

When three ex-officers were asked if they would partake in the activity again, all three agreed. Looks like everyone is going green these days.