The Weeknd Debuts A Poppy New Hit Just In Time For Summer

Remember what I said about adding Trey Songz’s seductive cover of ‘Earned It‘ to your summer playlist? Yeah well I think I can one up that remix with this sick new track.

You’d have to be crazy to not adore The Weeknd. With his mellow tracks and insane vocal range, what’s not to love? Now prepare yourself, because The Weeknd has just worked alongside Swedish music producer Max Martin to produce something along the lines of pop culture gold.

The Weeknd To Release “The Craziest Song Ever” This Summer

Entitled ‘I Can’t Feel My Face,’ The Weeknd sings about the usual, love and women. But this time, it’s completely different. His vocals are now accompanied by poppy synthetic instrumentals, allowing for more of an upbeat anthem as opposed to his usual mellow pieces. Making it the perfect summertime jam.

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This song is definitely experimental for the ‘Earned It‘ singer; but we think it turned out pretty awesome. Does anyone else think he sounds sort of like Michael Jackson? No? Just me; okay. Make sure to check out ‘ I Can’t Feel My Face‘ for yourself and let us know if this will be making it onto your summer playlist!