Sorry Beats By Dre, InnoDevice’s Got The Best Wireless Speakers

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Got something in the mail.

It’s a box.

Let’s open it.

It’s blue, and it looks cool.

It’s an InnoFlask portable speaker. *insert cool face emoji here*

“Perfect for any music lover,” it says. “That’s me,” I say.

“This portable speaker comes inside its own carrying case that’s no bigger a sunglass case, making it easy to take from place-to-place.” — Ain’t that but the truth? Pure truth.

Here’s a look.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetAnd. Not only does this bad boy come with it’s own cool-super-nifty matching colored case, BUT the case serves as more than a case. MY GOODNESS. It’s a holder too—or a stand for better terms (available in 4 different colors).

Talk about mul-ti-pur-pose…


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Needless, or maybe shamefully, to say, this InnoDevice showed me the glory behind the greatness that is Bluetooth. I’m not going to lie, before these speakers Bluetooth was nothing but a myth to me.

Little did I know.

Bluetooth they say. Okay, time to get hip.

It was like love at first sight. Magic.

This thing magically connected to any device I wanted it to connect—just like that. Bang.

I was amazed, and not only was this my very first bluetooth experience, but my first InnoDevice experience and excuse my language, but holy macrocell! It was freaking amazing.

In light of MDW I took a trip and brought my new speakers with me. Talk about an great choice—all around.

Like I said, they connect to any device, and best of all pretty damn easily—with a click of a button.

Works for me.

These puppies are loud, they’re proud…and they’re convenient.

I mean come on, just look at the case. It’s like carrying your favorite sunglasses all over the place.

Sorry Beats By Dre, but Inno’s got you beat.