Nike To Give President Obama His Own ‘MTM’ Air Jordan



During his visit to Nike World Headquarters, in Beaverton, Oregon, it was announced that President Barack Obama received his own “MTM” (Mark ParkerTinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan) designed Air Jordan.

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While the exact design of the Air Jordan has not yet been revealed, it has been confirmed that the colors will be red, white and blue.  These sneakers are rumored to have been given to Obama during his visit with Nike execs to speak about the Trade Promotion Authority, which will effect the U.S. manufacturing process.

These sneakers aren’t the only thing Nike gifted the President with. They also let him walk away with a 1-of-1 hybrid Air Force 1, and a special edition ‘made in USA’ pair of flyknits. Talk about fancy.

While we are sure the President was excited to be presented with three new pairs of Jordans, we can’t help but wait for him to unveil the ones designed by MJ, himself. Stay tuned for updates.