NBA Draft Lottery Recap: T’Wolves Land Top Pick, Lakers & Knicks Trade Places



It’s been 30 years since “The Frozen Envelope” that gave the Knicks the first overall pick in the 1985 Draft happened.  David Stern popped his cherry in making sketchy moves, the Knicks picked Patrick Ewing and the rest was history.

If there were any doubters that karma doesn’t exist please watch what happened to the Knicks at the NBA Draft Lottery. The draft order remained almost identical to the pre-lottery rankings with the Lakers swapping spots with the Knicks at two and four.



So now we wait until June 25th for the draft, but here are the five biggest takeaways from the lottery.

5. Bright Future in Orlando

The Magic head coaching position just became the hottest vacancy on the market. By securing the fifth pick that all but guarantees Duke forward Justise Winslow landing right in their lap. The addition of who I believe is the third or fourth best player in the draft will ease the pain of losing Tobias Harris in free agency.

A core of Winslow, Victor Oladipo, Elfrid Payton, Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon is scary to say the least. They’re a Tom Thibodeau hire away from becoming a playoff team and two years away from being a serious contender.

4. Welcome Back

For a second consecutive year the 76ers will have the third overall pick. Next year they will also pick third overall. And the year after that. Seriously f*ck the Sixers, they keep getting rewarded for robbing their fans of a real team.

3. Heist of the Century

The Kevin Love trade is getting closer and closer to the James Harden trade in the league’s biggest heists of the decade. The Timberwolves now have Karl Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett (okay maybe it’s not all good) instead of Love. Can you say trade rape? Seriously though can we get the Wolves to Seattle? This team is going to be too good to be in the middle of nowhere.

2. Life’s Good In Hollywood

The biggest winners of the night are easily the Lakers. Not only do they keep their draft pick (76ers pick if it fell outside top five), but they leapfrogged the Knicks and 76ers for the second pick. Assuming they add Jahlil Okafor or even (gasp) Towns they would have quite a frontcourt for the future with Julius Randle. Maybe Kobe Bryant can sneak into the playoffs one more time after all.

1. Karma Is a Bitch

Whatever went on in that 1985 lottery sure must’ve been bad because the Knicks landing the fourth pick in this draft is as sad as it gets. They now have no chance at landing Karl Towns, a slim chance at landing Okafor (emphasis on the slim) and most painful of all, no D’Angelo Russell.

It’s no secret Phil Jackson likes Russell—he got fined for tweeting what a “fine prospect” he was during the season—and Russell likes the idea of being a Knick. This is eerily similar to the 2009 Draft when Stephen Curry wanted to be a Knick and the Knicks wanted Curry to be a Knick. Then the Warriors picked Curry right in front of the New York, Jordan Hill is picked instead and here we are. This is exactly what will happen this year with Russell going to Philly at three.

They could trade the pick as Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted, for a star player to pair with Carmelo Anthony, no viable candidates come to mind other than the notoriously idiotic Kings coughing up DeMarcus Cousins.

Worst case scenario they keep the pick and pick an unknown foreign player. Yeah, that’s definitely what is going to end up happening now that I think about it. Damn it. I’m going to the bar, all Knicks fans are welcome (and advised) to join.