MURS Receives An Impromptu Lesson On ‘Mi Corazón’

Strange Music’s MURS receives an impromptu lesson from G*FM’s Kymmi Cee on the pronunciation of “Mi Corazón.” Watch the clip above and you might learn a thing or two yourself.

While some of Have A Nice Life focuses on societal ills, several songs center on another one of MURS’ favorite topics: women. With “Mi Corazon,” for instance, he raps about falling for Letty, a half Mexican-half Salvadorian girl he met at a party. After dropping Letty off, MURS nearly gets jumped by two guys who don’t approve of their relationship. Very Bronxtale-esque. Fortunately, the police intervene.

“That’s happened to me a couple times in my life where I’m like, ‘Thank God you guys came by to racially profile me because I was actually about to get my ass beat,’” says MURS.

Have A Nice Life now on iTunes.

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