Max B Remembers Chinx, Phones In From Prison

Story by Kelly Giuliano

Up and coming rapper Chinx Drugz (31) had his life cut short Sunday morning after he was fatally shot in the torso, a result of a predetermined drive by shooting in Jamaica, Queens as reported by the NYPD.

Celebrities took turns expressing their grievances on social media, saddened by the loss of an artist with so much potential and ambition. One close friend of Chinx’s in particualr, rapper Max B, even phoned in from prison to share his condolences. To recap, Max B was incarcerated back in 2007 where he was given a 75 year sentence for a multitude of charges.

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Max B spoke with REVOLT in an exclusive interview about the loss of his friend. The six minute phone call is nothing shy of heartbreaking as Max B takes a few moments to remember Chinx in all his glory. “A senseless tragedy occurred,” he had said upon hearing of his death.

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He goes on to discuss the struggle people coming up from difficult home situations have to face each day, such as those having to live without a father figure,or those growing up without understanding right from wrong. He continues to say that young people “aren’t learning nothing…they shootin’ first…,” most likely to signify how tragedies such as this one happen all too often when people act without thinking.

Max B is overly saddened by his friend’s death, as we all are.  “I love Chinx. I’m gonna miss him. May he rest in peace.”

You can also listen to the full conversation with REVOLT for yourself here.