Lauriana Mae Kicks Off ‘Month of Mae’ With A Secret Show

Lauriana Mae

Story by Kelly Giuliano

Superstar to be Lauriana Mae kicked off the ‘Month of Mae’ Thursday night after performing in an exclusive jam session held by Rutgers University students. With her band, ‘The Pains’ serving as backup, Lauriana gifted the crowd with an incredible performance that captivated the packed house of music enthusiasts. The show in fact attracted enough aficionados to just about exceed occupancy at the New Brunswick, New Jersey pub, Tumulty’s.

Lauriana performed three songs off of her latest EP ‘City of Diamonds,’ all of which were total crowd pleasers. Now signed with Atlantic Records, Lauriana Mae is a flawless talent that will without a doubt one day take the music industry by storm.

Performing her singles ‘Protect Ya Neck‘, ‘This Pain‘, and ‘City of Diamonds,’ Lauriana Mae was more than well received by the audience. She had a natural chemistry with her band that made the overall vibe of the set something to be remembered. This was especially true during her second song, ‘This Pain.’ Accompanied by her hypnotizing, stunning vocals, Lauriana’s eloquent lyrics demanded attention, in the best way possible.

It was this song that just about made everyone in attendance fall in love with her. Phones went up and attention was a standstill—pretty incredible stuff.

Not only is Lauriana Mae gifted, she is also a total sweetheart. I am honored to have had the opportunity to speak with her for a bit, and yes, she is as adorable as she looks.

After asking her about the concept behind “The Month of Mae,” she told me that this is something entirely for the fans. “It’s extra content, extra music,” basically more of herself to give to loyal fans. And that is just what she did Thursday night. By performing a totally unexpected, secret show for music lovers, she was upholding exactly what she described the “Month of Mae” as.  She is an artist of her word, giving more of herself to others, and that is something remarkable.

I also asked her how it felt to perform for University students. She was humbled. Not being able to have the whole college experience herself, she made it clear that she really enjoyed being a part of the night, and we were all definitely thrilled to have her there.

Lauriana Mae is incredibly gifted with a soul that matches the depth of her lyrics.

Photo Credit: Asia Howard