Lauriana Mae Talks B.o.B., Cee-Lo Green, & Action Bronson Collabs

Atlantic Records recording artist Lauriana Mae recently stopped by the Good*Fella Radio Show to chop it up about her City of Diamonds EP and more.

Lauriana Mae Talks ‘City of Diamonds,’ Influences, & Her Uncanny Love For McDonald’s

As an up and coming artist, Lauriana is no stranger to knowing what it takes to make great music. She talked about her experiences collaborating with artists such as B.o.B., Cee-Lo Green and detailed what it was like working with Action Bronson. When asked making the song “Compliments to the Chef,” Lauriana says:

“He’s [Action Bronson] not specifically saying one thing on there. He’s just kind of killing it, going in on there, so I wanted to, you know, compliment what he was doing, make it feel like the city a little bit.”

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As the conversation kept flowing, Lauriana then went on to discuss how both she and Action Bronson had actually never met until after they had collaborated and described him saying:

“It was a dope night, I like him [Action Bronson]. Fun, humble, talented guy.”

Both Lauriana Mae and Action Bronson are also strongly musically influenced by none other than Billy Joel. Perhaps in the future these two will collab again creating a Billy Joel inspired song or even get Billy Joel himself on the track.

Listen to Lauriana Mae’s ‘City of Diamonds’ EP

Watch the full interview above and catch Part 1 here.