Kobe Bryant’s Awesome Response To Lakers Landing Second Pick In NBA Draft

Source: slamonline.com

Source: slamonline.com

In case you didn’t know, Kobe Bryant is an intense guy. He also detests losing. In case you missed this past Los Angeles Lakers season, Bryant was hurt most of the year and the Lakers were awful. Clearly the Black Mamba is unhappy and will look to strike back with a vengeance in what in all likelihood will be his final season in the NBA.

Last night was the NBA Draft Lottery and the key goal for the Lakers was keeping their top-five protected draft pick from the Philadelphia Tankers 76ers. Well not only did they hold onto their pick, they leapfrogged my maligned New York Knicks for the second overall pick. Kobe must have been pumped right!? Here’s what he had to say about it.

What a Kobe Bryant response. In all seriousness though this jump gives the Lakers a plethora of options. They now have a shot at a franchise center with either Jahlil Okafor or Karl Anthony Towns–something that is all but impossible outside the top three–or they can safely secure their point guard of the future in D’Angelo Russell. My bet is Towns making a push to land in Lakerland and teaming up with fellow Kentucky alumn Juluius Randle to form a monster frontcourt of the future.

Either way this is a reminder its always better to be a Laker fan than a Knick fan.