Khary Durgans Just ‘Came Up’ With A New Single[UNIQID]

Today (May 13), Khary Durgans joined forces with FADER to release his brand new single “Came Up” straight off of his EP Swim Team.

Khary Durgans Partners Up With Rome Fortune For The Single ‘Swim Team’

The Falside produced project contains lyrics that are a tad more aggressive and includes lines such as, I ain’t got no money girl you payin / Don’t change the m*****f***** station when I’m playing.”

Khary Durgans & Will Smith

 The EP also features cartoon-like artwork done by Akeem Team and promo artwork by BadQuis.

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“Honestly this song came together in a few hours. It was right around the same time that I was wrapping up my Swim Team EP that Falside had sent over the beat,” said Durgans.  “I had put a lot of thought and work in that project so I really just wanted to make a song about nothing to have some fun. This was also around the time that Jaden Smith was putting out a lot of music so people were making those comparisons.”

Khary begins his “The Captain Yellow Raincoat” tour this Friday, May 15 in Boston.