Jhene Aiko & SZA Come Together for ‘Sweet, Soft Nothings’ in D*C


SZA via Vogue.com Jhene Aiko via whowhatwear.com

Story by Maya Rollings

We’ve always been told the age old tale that if you’re interested in shaking up the music industry, then it’s important to come with a unique sound. It’s always better to create your own path, rather than follow another, right? Jhene Aiko completely embodies this idea. With a knack for soothing and compelling melodies with a soft voice to match, she creates the perfect recipe to tell the story of you and your current lover, good or bad.

5 Reasons You Don’t Want Your Girl Listening to Jhene Aiko

If you’re in one of those stages where you’ve sworn off love and just rather get high, or if simply interested in some motivation, then Jhene is still your girl.

Before Jhene became the “Sail Out” enthusiast we all know her to be, in the early 2000’s she started out being penned as the cousin of rapper Lil’ Fizz and lending her vocals to B2K songs, despite having her own recording contract at the time. After the release of two mixtapes, a hiatus, and an epiphany deciding not to “sell” herself in this industry, Jhene finally released her debut album Souled Out in 2014 and solidified her musical image.

But wait… Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two singers with a unique voice sounds just right, pun intended.

Another artist who has created a path for herself in this industry by voicing soft sounds over intriguing beats appears to be a perfect collaborative match for Jhene Aiko: SZA.

SZA Gets Personal On Her Latest Release “Sobriety”

If the voice wasn’t enough, there’s also lyrical content to match. With a heavy use of abstract lyrics, SZA manages to create an incomparable vibe and an alluring story, all in one song. Tracks like “Ice Moon” is just one of the many examples of SZA’s story telling ability. Beginning her career in 2012 with the release of her debut EP See.SZA.Run, she soon became affiliated with Kendrick Lamar and the TDE record label, particularly being noted for being the labels first female signee. Since See.SZA.Run she has released two additional EP’s, each representing a letter of her stage name. The final letter, A, will be the name of her impending debut album.

Between them both, the message is to just vibe. As far as vibing with them both, we’re trying. And hopefully, we won’t have to wait long. Mid last year, SZA tweeted Jhene asking, “Can we sing and stuff together?” Then, later that same year the two singers announced a tour with the soul band, The Internet.

Started with a tweet, then we got a tour, ended with a… collab? Fingers crossed. In the meantime…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?