Jay Z Bought Beyonce A Pretty F—king Cool ‘Game of Thrones’ Dragon Egg

Source: Complex.com

Source: Complex.com

To my fellow Game of Thrones fanatics…you are far from alone. And who better than Queen Bey and her husband Jay Z to follow suit?

According to Emilia Clark, who plays Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen,  the “Drunk In Love” rapper bought one of the notable dragon eggs and gave it to his beloved wife as a gift.

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According to Clark, the egg is “really, really expensive,” but that’s nothing for Jay Z. However, what we want to know is how on earth did he lug that “really f*cking heavy” egg over to his home?

Quite the gift for the “7/11” singer if you ask me. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll pass it down to Blue Ivy.