Iggy Azalea & Britney Spears Team Up For ‘Pretty Girls’

Britney Spears has banded together with none other than Iggy Azalea to bring us “Pretty Girls”, just in time for summer.

Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter, Because The Internet

It’s no secret that this has been a highly anticipated collaboration. In fact, someone was so excited they couldn’t wait a day and actually leaked the duo’s track early Saturday (May 2). This ruined a few plans Britney had for the single. The “Toxic” singer actually wanted to release a limited edition brand of Britney Spears SUVs that came in black and yellow bumble bee decor and traveled around LA playing the single.

Though Iggy was suppose to have quit Twitter, she did make an exception to the rule to address her fans:

“I happened to have noticed that pretty girls, my song with @britneyspears has leaked and is on some radio stations etc… I’m really really happy to see so many people loving it but i also just want to clarify its not an “early” release its a leak and if you can we would really appreciate everyone holding out until monday to share links etc if possible (i know its hard, I’m excited too!) Also for the record brit and i are both singing the chorus’s together… i guess you guys aren’t used to hearing my singing voice 🙂 saw some people missed that aspect, maybe when we perform it it will be more obvious hahaha.”

The video for “Pretty Girls” is also coming sooner than we think. Cross you fingers for May 11th, as that is when we will get to witness the Earth Girls Are Easy inspired summer jam of 2015. But in the meantime you can purchase the single one iTunes.