Gucci Mane Gets Honored In Atlanta Photo Exhibit

Gucci Mane may be in prison, but his undoubted influence in music is free and thriving.

Atlanta photographer, Cam Kirk, revealed to Mass Appeal that he will be having a photo exhibit in the name of the Trap God, himself. The exhibit, which will be taking place in an abandoned church in Zone 6 in the East Atlanta area this Saturday (May 30) around 3:00 pm EST, will feature never before seen pictures of the rapper all while providing a ‘haunted house’ feel. Kirk, who’s responsible for the Trap God 3 mixtape cover, also said the exhibit will feature a few well-known actors.

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The photographer told Mass Appeal, “It’s going to be more of an installation…It should feel like you literally walked into the house of the Trap God.”

Interested in visiting the Trap Sanctuary? RSVP to the address listed on the artwork above.