Fabolous Takes On Another Nas Classic For Latest Friday Night Freestyle Series

Story by Kelly Giuliano

Keeping up with his weekly improv tracks, Fabolous released late last night yet another freestyle Friday mix using another one of Nas‘ classics, ‘The World Is Yours.”  Fluid verses are accompanied by some pretty sick 90s based beats, allowing time for a multitude of content to swirl through this roughly two minute track. All of which makes for a genuinely unique and definitely cool freestyle. A great follow up to his recent “Black Girl Lost” mix.

So have you ever been curious as to why these mixes are released every Friday, rather than at the start of the week per say? Or what rapper Fabolous’ mindset is behind the lyrics? Well here’s the answer. In a recent interview with Billboard, Fabolous explained the science behind his late week masterpieces:

“I listen to the beats all week. I listen to 90’s joints, I’ve got a 90’s playlist. And I listen to see which joints come in to….Towards the end of the week, I start saying, “This one sounds like a vibe I want to go to.” And then by Friday, I start really putting it together. So that’s why it kinda comes out late sometimes. Because I actually sit in on it on Friday. I don’t want it to be premeditated. Started on Monday and Tuesday and then put out Friday. I want that organic Friday energy.”

You can check out more awesomeness from his past freestyle Friday’s here.