Elijah Blake Debuts New Track “Drop Dead Beautiful”

Grammy Award-winning and ARTium/Def Jam artist, Elijah Blake recently debuted a new track, titled “Drop Dead Beautiful” off of his upcoming album Shadows and Diamonds. Blake tells Billboard Magazine:

“‘Drop Dead Beautiful’ is about the death of an intimate relationship that was once alluring. I feel like we as people have been some what programmed to kill off every piece of emotion once a relationship has gone bad because that’s just how it’s portrayed in movies, shows etc.. But in this case, [the] concept was to lay the intimacy to rest and give birth to a beautiful friendship.”

Blake has worked the likes of Usher on his Grammy-winning “Climax” record, and others such as Rick RossRihanna, Nas, Common, and  Alicia Keys. Take a listen to his new track.

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