Chris Brown Fires Shots At Tyson Beckford Over A Karrueche Selfie

It’s hard seeing the one you love with someone else…even if it is in a seemingly innocent Instagram pic.

This past weekend actor and model Tyson Beckford took to Instagram to post a picture with him and Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran (as seen above). Although Brown and Tran have been separated for a little while now, that didn’t prevent jealousy from sprouting out of the R&B singer.

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The selfie first caught the attention of a close friend and artist of Brown known as Kid Red, who took to Instagram to address Bedford. Once Brown got wind of the picture, he took to Twitter with several threats to Beckford. Although they have since been deleted, they didn’t go unnoticed. I promise screenshots are a beautiful thing.



But it looks like Beckford is not going to be punked. Can you really blame him? Not only did he mention Brown directly on Twitter (it was the wrong @ name, so it wasn’t that direct but direct enough), but he also sent him a subtle message on Instagram (which has since been deleted).

What do you think about all of this drama?