Beyoncé Didn’t Really Bathe in Pricey Champagne, Twitter Overreacts

What doesn’t seem to cause an uproar on Twitter these days?

After Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj released their Coachella themed video for their “Feeling Myself” collabo this past Monday, there has certainly been a lot of buzz surrounding it. Along with the many adorable outfits the two beauties wore, there was also another reason people felt the need to talk up this video on social media.

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In one scene, Queen Bey is seen nonchalantly pouring out what seems to be a rather extravagant bottle of Armand de Brignac into a hot tub. A bottle that happens to be worth an estimated 20,ooo smackers, or at least that’s what the internet pinned the price tag as these past couple of days.

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Naturally, many people were astonished by the act, as well as the price tag. Some even seemed to take this as a personal attack. I mean, that is a lot of supposed money poured down the drain, (pun intended.)  However, the public didn’t hesitate to express their outrage via Twitter. Too bad it was all for no reason.

So yes, we can all settle down now. This was just another way the internet has deceived us all.

The bottle Queen Bey was bathing in was not worth thousands of dollars; a bottle of that kind only retails about $300. Which to most of us (all of us), is a hefty price for liquor. But even if it was worth the original amount, it is totally her business what she chooses to do with a costly bottle of champagne.