Barack Obama Announces Chicago’s South Side As Location For Presidential Library

The Barack Obama foundation announced via video message on Tuesday (May 11) that President Obama’s presidential library will be set in Chicago.

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After beating out rivals in Hawaii and New York, the library will be placed on the South Side of Chicago where Obama first got involved in constitutional law before eventually focusing his career on politics.

“All the strands of my life came together, and I really became a man when I moved to Chicago. That’s where I was able to apply that early idealism to try to work in the communities in public service. That’s where I met my wife, that’s where my children were born, and the people there, the community, the lessons I learned, they’re all based right in this few square miles where we’ll be able to now give something back and bring the world back home after this incredible journey,” said Obama in the recently released video message.

Citizens of Chicago are thrilled to hear the news because the presidential library will offer jobs to citizens as well as attract people to the area generating economic growth.

“With a library and a foundation on the South Side of Chicago, not only will we be able to encourage and effect change locally, but what we can also do is to attract the world to Chicago,” said Obama.

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Michelle Obama also shows her support towards the decision when she explains that the South Side is a place very close to her heart due to her personal experiences.

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“I am thrilled to be able to put this resource in the heart of the neighborhood that means the world to me,” said Michelle.  “Every value, every memory, every important relationship to me exists in Chicago. I consider myself a South Sider.”

A news conference is planned for Tuesday afternoon (May 12) regarding the next steps necessary to put this plan into action. A large amount of fundraising will need to occur to pay for the presidential library but Obama will not accept any donations until he is out of office.