Baltimore Man Possibly Shot By Police

Earlier today a man was shot in back, in the same place where the infamous Baltimore Riots took place, a week earlier. Shortly after, multiple reports came in, each giving a different story of what really happened.

A Fox News crew member, who claims to have been at the scene, first reported the incident. They said that the man was shot in the back while running away from police.

However, police are claiming that the man accidentally shot himself. This occurred when he threw a gun on the ground, accidentally firing it at himself.  Later police changed their story, saying that the reports were “unfounded”, and again changed it to say the man was not shot at all.  Check out the video above to see what Baltimore PD had to say about the incident.

In light of the new information, Fox News released a statement apologizing for their error. But it is still unknown who the injured man is that was carried away in the ambulance.

During the “incident” a crowd formed around the injured man, to which police then began pepper spraying the crowd.  You can watch a video of it here.

It is not yet known what exactly occurred but we will keep you updated as the story develops.