Young Thug Announces ‘Carter 6’ Name Change & Disses Lil Wayne

Young Thug raised a lot of eyebrows when he announced his upcoming full-length project would be titled Carter 6, an obvious snag from Lil Wayne’s album series, Tha Carter through Tha Carter V. The announcement did not sit well with Weezy’s daughter or the Young Money general himself, despite Thugger proclaiming the title was his way of paying homage to Lil Wayne. However, those feelings may have changed.

Lil Wayne Responds to Young Thug’s ‘Carter 6 Album’ Cover

Young Thug posted an Instagram video on Monday (Mar. 13), which shows the rapper and his friends kicking it outside while a woman’s voice plays over saying, “Big kill, young n****, young f****** money. F*** you, I kill you.” As her voice fades away the words “Barter 6” appear in red font.

Thugger then posted another video confirming the name change, saying: “Can’t name the mixtape Carter 6 ‘cause these f*** a** n***** trying to sue, just like some hoes. So I’m going Barter 6—on the fuckin’ way.”

Barter 6 is due April 17.