Video Released Of Fatal Walmart Parking Lot Brawl Between Arizona Family & Police


Video footage has finally been released of the fatal brawl between Arizona police and a family of 8, in a Walmart parking lot. The altercation ended with one person dead and another two wounded.

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It all started when a female employee for a Walmart in Cottonwood, AZ.  was assaulted while going to a bathroom, according to police reports. However, when Cottonwood police arrived on the  scene, they found eight members of the Gaver family attacking another Walmart employee.

The situation only got worse, as the police were just another target for the Gavers’ aggravation. Officers tried to separate the family members, according to reports, in order to interview them regarding the incident with the staff member. Pretty soon after the brawl broke out and it’s unclear how the situation  managed to escalate so quickly.

The family of eight and an equal number of officers were kicking and punching one another, while three bystanders remained in the parking lot. Police attempted to use tasers, batons and pepper spray on the suspects but one of them got their hands on Sgt. Jeremy Daniels’ gun and opened fire, shooting the sergeant in the leg. Officer Rick Hicks then returned the fired and fatally shot the suspect identified at 21 year old Enoch Gaver. Enoch’s older brother, 28 year old David Gaver, was also shot by Officer Hicks in the stomach not too long before.

Both David Gaver and Sgt. Daniels were hospitalized for their injuries.

Six members of the Gaver family were brought into custody, while only 4 are facing charges of resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

You can watch the entire video above.