Tyga Spotted With Kylie Jenner’s Name Tattoed On His Arm

tyga kylie tattooTyga name has not stopped circulating the media between his relationships with Blac Chyna and Kylie Jennerbut his recent actions may of just taken the cake.

Yesterday (April 25) Tyga was caught flashing some fresh ink on his inner arm. Why is this such a big deal? Well, the tattoo read “Kylie” in big letters. This is a big step since all Tyga has done to ‘confirm’ his relationship with the teen is post loving comments on Instagram and be seen in public with her.

Tyga Responds To Kylie Relationship Rumors

Sources say, Tyga actually got the tat to prove to Kylie she is his one and only. I guess the two couldn’t think of a better way to show their commitment to one another—or at least Tyga’s. Let’s keep in mind that Tyga is continuously declaring that the two are just friends, but now with this new found ink that might be a little hard to believe.

It seems like any hopes of the rapper getting back with Blac Chyna are slim. Kylie’s got the juice.

tyga Kylie tat